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  • Hi Nelly. Regarding your first question, most of the well-funded humanitarian programs are, as you very well noted, in the food, WASH, sector. This is certainly linked to several factors. Some of them are due to the humanitarian effectiveness objective, ...

  • Following up on our recent event on parliamentary efforts to eliminate statelessness , I wanted to pose a question on the role of humanitarian actors in this domain to the community members that was asked by one of the event participants (who prefers ...

  • Hi Sandra! Yes, for sure, I will share progress as we go along, and good to hear that the question is useful to others as well! cheers, andrew ------------------------------ Andrew Cunningham Humanitarian Researcher Independent/Consultant London ...

  • Thank you Andrew for this question! I am facing the exact same situation now, so this and all the great replies are really helpful. Please do share any other findings/observations/conclusions etc. you have with us in the thread. Many thanks! ------------------------------ ...

  • Thank you, Coralie!  As you say, 'to avoid reinventing the wheel each time a Country wants to solve a problem' is one of the most important objectives. In our case we don't want to exactly standardize processes -- we want to ensure a diversity of ...

  • Hi Andrew, I have set up a CoP in my organisation, one for each region. I have 4 CoP x 12/15 Countries  The minimum requirement is to have a purpose, specified outcomes, a structure and ways of working. For us, we aim to open the discussions on challenges, ...

  • Are there any out there that have engaged in access negotiations with NSAs in the Sahel Region (in this case it could be either BH, ISWAP, and equivalent groups active in the Sahel)? If so, what approaches have been used? Have these been successful, and ...

  • Thanks, Alexei. ------------------------------ Andrew Cunningham Humanitarian Researcher Independent/Consultant London United Kingdom ------------------------------

  • Thank you, Vanessa, for these comments -- this was very helpful. I definitely recognize the challenges in the first part, and appreciate the positive comments in the second part! Networking events sound interesting--I shall think about that, and also ...

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