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  • Thank you all for your contributions, very helpful.  Mohamed  ------------------------------ Mohamed Khaled DRR & Resilience Consultant Independent/Consultant Kenya ------------------------------

  • Hi Mohammed, From my experience working through local partners in South Sudan, the starting point should be creating a good working relationship with you partner field staff based on trust and respect. There you will be in position to freely communicate ...

  • Hello Mohamed, I deeply appreciate the answers of Julia. The approach will depend upon the time of intervention and/or duration of the project. I have been working in a fragile environment in the WASH/SHELTER sector. We use phones, video recording and ...

  • Hi Mohamed,  I can contribute to the topic only from my experience in Afghanistan - I think the situation is comparable to what you describe. What type of monitoring is reasonable depends on the type of intervention. Here are some approaches I personally ...

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  • Dear Allissa; I am so grateful to hear such a nice insight. The community latrine was designed initially as a paid job, but because of prolonged crisis the partners want the community to clean their latrine on a rotation basis as "community participation". ...

  • Dear Fahim; Many thanks for the wonderful demystification. Definitely, the points you have mentioned are core responsibilities for the camp management agency. As camp management, all community governance structures (Community High Committee (CHC), Youth ...

  • Hi all, I would agree with Alissa -- sometimes community involvement won't work and that must be accepted and the consequences managed. Rarely does the community do a very good job at cleaning and emptying latrines, for example. So then the question ...

  • Great thoughts Alexei.  The Global Fund Tuberculosis program provides free drugs and testing for patients. In some countries, the principal recipient org has collaborated with a few private clinics which have high patient loads on a daily basis by providing ...

  • From experience in a fragile state in East Africa, you could use third party monitoring who use either or a combination of on the ground verification and phone system. The phone system is extremely difficult in some contexts because of the dependency ...

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