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  • Hello all,  Thank you very much for raising this, Nelly. If I may add something further - in addition to the points mentioned above (engaging public figures, from political leaders to CHWs), one approach we have taken through ConnexUs (a project of Search ...

  • Thanks alot Henry and everyone else that has shared valuable information and great tips on this topic. These will enrich our current efforts. Many thanks

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  • Hi Henri looks really interesting I will take a look :) ------------------------------ Julian Srodecki Regional Humanitarian and Emergency Affairs Director World Vision International (WVI) ------------------------------

  • Have you looked at the Social Science in Humanitarian Action platform? There are some great materials on there including this Rapid Review on Vaccine Hesitancy which is really good at unpicking why hesitancy exists and has some very practical suggestions ...

  • In addition to faith leaders as highlighted by Julian, the use of community hygiene promoters and or community health workers, to disseminate information in a language that the community relates to, has also been valuable. ------------------------------ ...

  • Specific to WASH projects, the FIETS approach is one of the sustainability measures I have seen implemented by my organization.. Financial sustainability- Post project support is critical and essential and this is done by training WASH committees to ...

  • Great question. Over in World Vision, we have been very interested in working closely with our network of faith leaders to promote vaccine acceptance for all vaccines that have been approved by a WHO recognised Stringent Regulatory Authority (SRA - there ...

  • One of the key aspects that we are all required to include in our humanitarian interventions is that of sustainability. Many of us strive towards the sustainability of our work, and we know that donors want to see such aspects clearly demonstrated in ...

  • Dear all, To add to this thread, as it is closely related – we are preparing a CoV-2 vaccination campaign in refugee camps in Germany (refugees and asylum seekers) and rumors are floating that the acceptance and uptake of refugees will be low. I have ...

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