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  • Thanks for your insights, Alexei! You've confirmed what has been my own experience as well. I do hope that a shift in talking can lead to a shift in thinking - and eventually a shift in doing as well. Thanks again, Naomi ------------------------------ ...

  • Excellent points, Naomi! The short answer to all your questions is that what you see is not a "shift in thinking ". It is a shift in " talking ". The rest is pretty much the same as it used to be: organisations (in particular the "big ones") come with ...

  • The Global Protection Cluster Strategic Framework 2020-2024 includes a priority around 'Promoting research and the use of minority languages in protection activities, including translation and interpretation.' Does anyone in the community know how ...

  • Hello PHAP community, Whether you are a MEAL specialist or someone working more broadly in project/programme management, I am interested in hearing about your experiences with inclusive and participatory MEAL (or any other combination of M, E, and ...

  • This is an interesting and true observation. One reality about security management is of course that it is context specific. As such, while there needs to be a drive from the HQ to harmonise a "security culture", it will be obvious that there will still ...

  • My take if I understood the question correctly: Security culture is a 'process' which takes time to develop within an organization. The starting point/approach would be: 1. Ensuring that new employees are correctly socialized into the organizational ...

  • Hi Raman and All True, that was a big challenge in several humanitarian contexts in the regions I work in too, especially in the early days of the pandemic.  Generally, 'accountable' governments cooperated more with humanitarian actors as they understood ...

  • Dear Nelly Maonde, Thank you so much for sharing the GBV in Emergencies Minimum Standards, well received.  ------------------------------ Dr Abdulhaq Niazi Executive Director Today's Afghanistan Conciliation Trust (TACT) Afghanistan ---------- ...

  • In international NGOs, it's not uncommon to find quite different security cultures in different offices around the world, depending on how interested senior field management is in security, and how much they understand and prioritise it. How can this ...

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